Monday, February 24, 2014

Animal Cracker Truffles

 I was expecting more of a frosted animal cracker taste to it but they didn't sadly but they are still good but they don't taste like "frosted animal crackers"  They are sweet and have a slight crunch because of the sprinkles.  You can make them with frosting or with cream cheese, I make them with cream cheese because using frosting as a binding agent and then frosting in the crumbs and then on top was to much for me so I used the cream cheese instead. 

1 package of frosted animal crackers
8 oz Vanilla Frosting or 6 oz cream cheese *soft at room temp*
White or pink Chocolate/candy melts
Rainbow Sprinkles

Put crackers into food processor until they reach fine crumbs.  Mix in your frosting or cream cheese until combined, best to use your hands.

Roll in 1 inch balls and place onto wax paper and put into fridge for 20 mins or until cold.  

Meanwhile melt your chocolate using a double boiler.  When balls are cold dip into chocolate, transfer back onto wax paper and sprinkle with rainbow sprinkles.

Place back into fridge to harden, take out and enjoy.

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