All About Me

Welcome to my life.

This is me Kayla. I live in the small town of Spooner,Wisconsin.  I am not much of a picky eater except when it comes to any kind of green veggies and tomatoes, my adult taste buds have not yet come to surface.  My taste buds still love sweets and so do all my sweet tooths. Cooking and baking I adapted from my mother.  I grew up with fresh cookies, pies and cakes.  After I had my first daughter I moved out on my own with my fiance and I was a horrible cook and baker who loved trying new recipes.  I taught myself and grew into the love of it, I also use it as a source of therapy. Making meals, desserts and pastries is an art and I love to concentrate and make it perfect.  I also am very OCD on how clean my kitchen and the rest of my house is.  I love to shop online, hiking, reality tv, gory movies, tattoos, musicals and a Starbucks addict.  Now let me introduce you to the rest of the cooking crew.

My oldest of the crew is Mallory Lyn. She is an amazing eater, she loves anything healthy whether it be any type of fruit or veggie she loves them all.  She cannot even eat a full cookie because they are to sweet.  She loves basketball, playing the clarinet, ballet and riding her bike or roller blading as much as she can.  She is very artsy loves to paint and knows everything and anything about famous artist esp her fav Vincent Van Gogh.  Her favorite food and meals include homemade chicken patties, hamburger soup, and kiwis.

My middle girl is Anna Morgan.  She is my picky eater who lived off of cereal for a year.  Yes I swear from 2-3 she refused to eat anything but cereal but she choose Cheerios and Mini Wheats and sometimes corn flakes, imagine that a picky eater who only loves bland cereal?  She is still pretty picky but I have to give her props for at least trying everything that is on her plate. She loves everything healthy tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, and carrots especially.  Anna is the child that has always kept me on my toes the girl never stops. She loves to run and is in ballet.  Her favorite food and meal includes lasagna and anything with meatballs but especially has a love for chocolate.

My youngest daughter is Lauren Mae or Lolo. She loves her baby dolls, riding her bike, is in ballet, and is my mini me and stuck to my side 100%. She is pretty shy but has been coming out of shell which has been amazing to see. She loves everything with hummus, bagels, all fruit, and her favorite meals are tacos and homemade fish sticks and coleslaw. 

and to my blogging rock, who tries all my new recipes but enjoys the treats the most.
Matt and I have been together since we were 15 and he is also, of course, the wonderful guy who gave me my 3 beautiful daughters.

My blog
I base my blog on family friendly and fun recipes.  From comfort meals, meals under 30 minutes, desserts, healthy meals, themed movie meals and more.  I hope you enjoy my blog.