Monday, October 21, 2013

Review: COCOZIA 100% Organic Coconut water

I got an email from Diana who is in the Marketing Department with Epicurex LLC.  They produce amazing organic beverages and I was asked to taste one of their products and review it. 

This is how they describe it.

  • COCOZIA® 100% Organic Coconut Water
  • Contains a natural abundance of potassium and magnesium, as well as other electrolytes.
  • USDA Organic, Natural Coconut Water
  • NON GMO Verified, Gluten Free

Now I cannot express how refreshing this drink is.  It is truly amazing and makes me miss the taste of a real coconut water.  I have only had it a few times and I have seen and tried other products but to tell you the truth, they do not compare to this brand, it is just that good.  I will be buying this product a lot more now for sure.  The taste is true to the flavor and that is what I love and the packaging is simple and easy to drink from.  Thank you the opportunity and letting me try your wonderful product.

I give it 5 forks out of 5

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