Thursday, December 22, 2016

My Life #8

Finals are done, they are finally done; which also means that I can get back to blogging. I cannot even explain how busy this past month has been, it is still busy because of the holiday but I cannot wait to just to wake up and sit on my couch and not worry about homework. I miss you all and I miss blogging; I have made so many new recipes but I haven't even have had time to take pictures. So in this coming month be prepared for an explosion of recipes to make up for my lost time.

An overdue update:

Like I said above, finals are done and I finally have a month off. Life has just been crazy; from doing finals, to trying to keep my house together, making dinner, getting ready for Christmas, appointments, ballet, basketball, after school clubs and more...I am exhausted and excited about this break.

The girls had their Christmas concerts, Mallory had her first band concert and Anna and Lauren did a great job singing! They were all so gorgeous and I was so proud of all of them.

We recently went to our first football game. My man is a Colts fan I am a Cowboys fan and we were both brainwashed as children to despise the Vikings so when we went to the Vikings VS Colts game I had to go Colts. It was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to go to another one. The drunk people were all horribly annoying but entertaining when security brought them out and I just got a few dirty looks while I was screaming for touchdowns. Viking fans get angry when they lose 34-6. It was a great game and planning to go to another one next year. 

It is nearing close to 9 a.m. and there is so much to do. I am baking Christmas treats today so get that out of the way but also today is my only day I can do it. So I am off to bake so I can share them with you all. So keep an eye out, I am finally back!

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