Monday, October 3, 2016

My Life Monday #5

Hello all, happy Monday!
I hope your weekend was great and that even though it is Monday you got a smile on your face.

This weekend was pretty calm, I got enough homework done to take off on Saturday so we did some random shopping and bought some pumpkins that we soon have to carve and some fall decorations that I got put up. Sunday was a busy day for us we put in a new front door which took more time than we all thought, 2 hours of ballet and a house full of kids, it was chaotic but the house is looking a lot nicer.

Ballet went amazing, this year is Lauren's first year and she was so shy and so nervous, she was slowly following along while twisting her hair. I know her personality will shine through soon but for now she is just being shy and sweet, they don't know what is coming haha.

This will be Anna's second year and she still loves it and cannot wait for next Sunday again, it felt like we never even left there maybe that is because we just ended in June! It is a great little dance studio and so glad we have one in our small community.

On our "Slow Cooker Saturdays" I made my Mississippi Roast which to my surprise I have never put it on my blog so look out for that this week and pretzel bites.

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Hope you all have an amazing week.

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