Monday, October 17, 2016

My Life #7

Happy Monday all! We actually had an amazing thunderstorm last night and for October that is surprising, I am happy with any kind of storm except for snow storms but I know soon those will be coming. It is gloomy today, the trees are almost bare and the colors are fading fast.
There wasn't much that happened this last week, it was just the usual homework, catching up on housework and the girl's school stuff.

Oh I did get a hair cut! You like? I like! It feels like I had 10 pounds lifted from my shoulder, not really 10 pounds but it does feel better and look healthier.

This week we made pumpkin bars, which are gone so that means that I have to make more because I didn't get a photo of them, I updated an old blog post from 2011, I actually have done a few in the last few weeks. I will post the link down below.

Can I get serious with you all, I am frustrated and not just kinda frustrated I am a lot. Between the kid's mess, my mess, homework, and the man of the house who goes to work when it is dark and comes back home when it is dark, I am exhausted. He tries to help but I don't expect much because he gets home at almost bedtime. I am tired, my house has never been this neglected, and suppers haven't been the best because I am in such a rush.

I usually tell my youngest who ends up crying herself to sleep some nights that I just cannot cuddle with you tonight because mommy has homework, she is four she does not understand that mommy has 2 hours until math is due or that I have to just read 3 chapters of psychology by tomorrow. I am trying to do my best in school and to pass so I can do the best for my family but I also feel like am failing as a parent in the meanwhile.

So tonight, I ignored the dishes in the sink and the pots and pans are still on the stove. While the girls played with each other, finished their homework and got ready for bed, I finished what I had to with my homework so I could cuddle with my sweet four-year-old who has been begging me to all last week.

I go lay with her, she tells me about her dreams, she tells me what she had for lunch today and what she did at school. Right before she kisses and hugs me goodnight she starts to giggle, she then tells me "Mommy you are laying next to the boogie wall! hahaha" I look behind me with a flashlight and there are buggers all over a spot on the wall.....

Just another thing to my "this house needs 10 maids" list


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