Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Chocolate Cherry Bombs

A Cherry covered in a chocolate cake ball?  Yes Please!! 
So this was my very first attempt with cake balls and it was quite hard and easy, lessons were learned and I got it down.  First off use only a little frosting because the cake is already moist enough. Second when making these place them in the freezer before you dunk it the chocolate, that will help keep the cherry in the cake ball.  I had lots of the cherries pull out of the cake ball mid dip!

Like I said lessons were learned so I am passing them onto you.  All and all these were great and it is a perfect dessert for Valentines day because well that is coming up faster than we think.

1  Devil's Food Cake Mix  
 1/4 cup Classic Chocolate Frosting
50 Maraschino Cherries with stems 
16 oz. tempered semi-sweet chocolate or dark confectionery coating/candy melts

Make the cake as directed on the box and bake until done.  Let cool completely.

Drain cherries and and pat dry with paper towel.

When cake is cooled crumble up in large bowl and mix in frosting with hands.

Form cake balls around cherries and put onto wax/parchment paper and put into freezer for 10 mins

While cake balls are in freezer melt chocolate or candy melts.

Take the cake balls out of freezer and dip into melted chocolate/melts, put back onto wax/parchment paper and put into fridge for 20 mins or until set

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