Thursday, September 26, 2013

Review: Red Fork Sloppy Joe Mix

Disclaimer: I am not being asked to do this nor being paid to do it.  This is my own doing and my own words.

Now I am picky about sloppy joes.  We don't make them all the time but I make them once every few months because the kids enjoy them.  Now I am a person who doesn't like Manwich.  I dislike any thing canned I really do so I always make it home made and they are great!  I seen this package at the store so I decided to try it, why not?

At my store this is $2.87 and it is simple you add this mix in with your cooked meat and a can of tomato sauce.  It has natural ingredients, no preservatives and had roasted tomatoes and garlic. To me I wouldn't buy it again.  It was ok, very tangy tasting it just wasn't my choice of taste.  I would buy it again but would add my own flair to it to try to get rid of the tang.

I give it 2 forks out of 5.

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