Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The easy way out Donuts

So I think almost every morning I hear. Mooooom can we please go buy donuts.  The answer is usually no so I decided before they would wake up this morning I would make some donuts but alas I didn't have any yeast so I looked around and was almost headed to the store until I opened the fridge and saw the last can of Pillsbury biscuits.  Now I made them like this before but many moons ago but I just never thought of them again and I don't know why not they are crunchy and soft in the middle and make them any way you want.  Melt some chocolate, roll in powdered sugar or our favorite is the cane sugar coated.

1 roll of Pillsbury Biscuits
Coating of choice, granulated sugar, powdered sugar, chocolate, etc

Oil 350*
separate all the biscuits and either take a donuts cutter or do what I did and make a hole with a baby bottle 
fry in oil 1-3 mins until brown
Drain on paper towel and coat as you would like

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