Friday, May 17, 2013

UP Themed Dinner

Tonight the girls choose
UP! I had a little trouble so I went to my bestie Stacy for help and she gave me the idea for the waffle house so thank you!!  It turned out great and the girls said this was the best one yet!

House: Waffles *find recipe here* You will need to double the recipe
Balloons: Raspberries and blackberries
Sky: Whipped Cream and Jello

I only have a round waffle maker so I had to cut them into squares which turned out out to be the perfect size.  The house used 1 1/2 waffles.  To make it all hold together use tooth picks

Put the berries on top of tooth picks

Make jello as directed on box and cool in fridge until solid
Mix jello after it sets.  Spoon whipped cream into cup sideways and then layer it with the jello and repeat until cup it full

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