Friday, February 1, 2013

Alice In Wonderland Dinner

The girls loved this one and so did mommy =)  It was simple fast and yummy!!!  I am one to love my pancakes with fruit and cream.  There really is not any explanation for this one but I need to add this to the blog 

Now I have 2 pretty molds for my pancakes a flower and a heart so that is how I made this flower pancake

So tonight we used the flower one for the 

Golden Afternoon Pancakes
I used the Ihop pancake recipe found Here

Queen of Heart Strawberries
We cut the strawberries into hearts and places them in the middle 

Mad Hatter Tea
We just took the girls favorite Arizona Lemon tea put it in a cup and put the label on

We wrote Eat Me on the plate with whipping cream

Enjoy and Keep on cookin!

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