Monday, January 23, 2017

My Life #9

Hello all, Happy Monday! 

This Monday also means the second semester for me, back to school until May, 10 classes, basketball ball tournaments, ballet, housework and more; back to being 100% busy. That is okay though I enjoyed my small month break off of school. I got to do lots of things with the girls during that time. Speaking of tournaments, my oldest, Mallory, has had two the past two weekends and they are long. We are usually gone for 8 hours for the games but they have won two out of three games both times and we have our last one coming up soon. It has been a great season. Anna and Lauren are doing great in ballet, we have picked out their costumes for the recital and they are now learning their dances. The memory those two have are amazing, I don't think I could remember all the dance steps. 

As I have stated I am on a new health adventure of losing 31 pounds by my 31st birthday in June. I have cut out all bread and potatoes and I am happy so say I am doing great and that I actually do not miss them and that is huge because my favorite food is mashed potatoes. Changing my diet has been easy, now trying to find time to continue to work out between the night time rush and homework will be interesting. I have been avoiding the scale until it hits the first of the next month. I know 31 pounds is a big goal but even if I make it to 20 I will be happy. I am doing the best I can and hoping for amazing results. 

I have lots of recipes to share so be on the lookout for new ones! Remember if you have any questions or suggestions please e-mail me.

If you could also please keep us in your thoughts, Matt goes for his back surgery tomorrow, hoping all goes well and he heals up perfect.

Have a great week!

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